The chic embroidery jacket is very beautiful

Here is a stunning wedding dress with both classic and modern elements. I also love the ruffles and layers of the lower part of the dress! My friends are crazy about this dress as much as I am. It is a special design. The chic embroidery jacket is very beautiful. The whole upper part is made by the embroidery.

It is made from high quality satin and chiffon material and comes with chic embroidery, beautiful sweetheart, red sash, and pretty ruffles and layers detailing. The satin and chiffon material is very comfortable. They couldn't help trying it on when I showed them the dress. This beautiful dress features ball gown silhouette and train hemline design, which will accentuate your curves. This wedding dress is really amazing! I've got to tell you. It is like an art.Some people like classic and timeless wedding dress while other people like chic and modern wedding gown. The cute embroidery made jacket is very beautiful and convenient, for you can take it off if you want to. But what a pity, I was the one who's getting married, not them. I was right after I tried it on. A red sash around the waist adds modern element embroidery machine Company to the dress. Don't worry. It didn't disappoint me at all.

The lower part is the classic layers and ruffles design. It is a unique design. Best of all, the red sash is like the eye of the dress, which is very lovely. Ha-ha!And the elegant embroidery made upper part of the dress with a sweetheart design is really eye-catching. It also looked stunning on them. I loved this dress as soon as I saw it! I didn't even try it on and I knew it was the one, because the design was really very eye-catching. It is a strapless gown with little short sleeve jacket. You may say you like both styles. I love it! And the sweetheart design is also very pretty.